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Mathematics I

This course is intended for foreign students studying at our faculty and domestic students who registered it. Conditions and requirements of this course are identical to the course in Czech and governed by the same rules.


Introduction to linear algebra - vectors, vector spaces, matrices, determinants, systems of linear equations. Analytic geometry in E3 - straight lines and planes. Calculus of functions of one variable - limit, continuity, derivative, extremes, behaviour of a function, indefinite integral, methods of integration, definite integral. Separable differential equations.



  • Neustupa, J.: Mathematics I, CTU Publishing House, Prague, 1996,
  • Finney, R. L., Thomas, G.B.: Calculus, Addison-Wesley, New York, Ontario, Sydney, 1994
  • Selected problems from the textbook Problems in Mathematics I (the textbook is in Czech only)
  • Selected problems from the exam tests in previous years


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